Weekly Fatality Reports

Weekly Fatality/Catastrophe Report

This table contains the weekly summaries of fatalities and catastrophes resulting in the hospitalization of three or more workers. Employers must report these incidents to OSHA within eight hours. The summaries below include only preliminary information, as reported to OSHA Area Offices or to States which operate OSHA-approved State Plans. OSHA investigates all work-related fatalities and catastrophes. OSHA will link the data on this page to the inspection case file, also on the OSHA public website.

FY 2010 Weekly Summary (Federal data tabulated Nov 23-27, 2009)
Region Reporting Company and Location Date of Incident Preliminary Description of Incident
3 Bradens Towing & Collision, Wheeling, WV 26003 11/17/2009 Worker was performing detail work on a vehicle and ingested a wheel cleaning solution.
5 Resource Management-Chicago Ridge, L.L.C. 11/23/2009 Worker was walking back to his location and was struck by a forklift.
5 Nicor Gas, Naperville, IL 60564 11/23/2009 Worker was operating a Vermeer ditch witch backfilling a hole. The stringer was struck by a passing vehicle and the ditch witch tipped over, landing on top of the worker.
6 Pfeiffer & Sons, La Porte, TX 77571 11/2/2009 Worker was in the process of installing a wireless point at a facility. He was using a 6-ft ladder to access the ceiling, fell backwards off the ladder, striking his head on the concrete floor.
6 Palacios Marine and Industrial, Corpus Christi, TX 78469 11/24/2009 Worker was working on the 2nd floor of a building and fell through an open door way to the ground.
6 Ross Construction, Spicewood, TX 78669 11/27/2009 Worker was changing the hydraulic fluid in a dump truck with the dump bed raised. The dump bed fell, pinning him.

FY 2010 Weekly Summary (State data tabulated Nov 23-27, 2009)
State Reporting Company and Location Date of Incident Preliminary Description of Incident
CA AGR Contracting, Ducor, CA 93218 11/19/2009 Worker fell off orchard picker ladder as he was ascending with an empty orange pickers bag.
CA Thompson Grassvalley, Nevada City, CA 95959 11/23/2009 Worker collapsed walking into the office. Possible Heat Attack - Unknown.
HI Siu's Electric Coro., Honolulu, HI 96817 11/2/2009 Worker was crushed between a forklift and a parked flatbed truck.
IN Village Pantry, Indianapolis, IN 46885 11/21/2009 Worker was working alone when two men entered the establishment. They came behind the counter and shot the worker and stole 21 cartons of cigarettes and no money.
MN Bertils Gravel Y Excavation LLC, Crookston, MN 56716 11/24/2009 A trailer attached to a truck ran over the worker who was loading gravel from the ground.
NY Purchase College, Purchase, NY 10577 11/10/2009 The worker, a custodial supervisor, was found dead.
NY NYSDOT Alder Creek Sub Residency, Alder Creek, NY 13301 11/2/2009 A New York State Department of Transportation Highway Maintenance worker, while working as a flagman in a work zone was struck b a motor vehicle.
NV Yellow Checker Star Cab Company, Las Vegas, NV 89118 11/24/2009 The worker was in his cab at the back stand at Harrah's Casino Hotel. Hotel security was notified when someone found the worker to be in an unresponsive state. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.
VA Pilgrims PRide, Timberville, VA 11/19/2009 Worker was struck by a delivery vehicle.
VA Bo Bo Enterprises, Cleveland, VA 11/19/2009 Worker was struck by a tree.
VA Old Dominion Tree Services, Poquoson, VA 11/22/2009 Worker (14 years old) was pulled into a wood chipper.
WA WA St Transportation Dept, Olumpia, WA 98501 11/19/2009 Worker was struck in the head b dead top of tree.
CATASTROPHES (None Reported)