Weekly Fatality Reports

Weekly Fatality/Catastrophe Report

FAT/CAT FY09 Weekly Report (August 7, 2009)
Region Reporting Company and Location Date of Occurrence Nature of Incident Event Number
2 Twin Oaks Moving Co., Inc.,
Wrightstown, NJ 08562
7/31/2009 Victim fell 15 feet at an air freight terminal. 101774289
2 OSO Construction, LLC
Bayonne, NJ 07002
8/3/2009 Victim fell 60 feet from a flat roof. 100022631
2 Perfecto Entreprise Company Inc.,
Staten Island, NY 10302
8/4/2009 Victim was crushed by a skid steer bucket. 101312171
2 Roofing/Renovations,
Collage Point, NY 11356
8/5/2009 Victim was installing roof shingles from a 20-foot aluminum ladder, contracted an electrical service and fell from the ladder. 100831486
3 Eastcao Enterprises Incorporated,
Myerstown, PA 17405
8/7/2009 Victim was cutting steel from an aerial lift and fell 7-8 feet to the floor below. 100571389
4 Saenz Transport dba Luis Saenz,
Rhine, GA 31077
7/13/2009 Victim was standing beside a tractor trailer dump truck operating the dump controls, unloading gravel. The load and the body shifted, causing the trailer to rollover, crushing the victim. 100904382
4 Mueller Copper Tube Co., Inc.,
Fulton, MS 38843
7/29/2009 In replacing an air pump with an electric pump that was leaking naphtha, an explosion occurred. One employee fatality and one employee hospitalization. 101365112
5 Times Printing Co., Inc.,
Random Lake, WI 53075
7/27/2009 Victim was noted to be somewhat disoriented and had a large knob on head. 100651397
5 Albert J. Wagner & Son, Incorporated
Chicago, IL 60614
8/6/2009 Victim was at the jobsite to inspect and fell from the scaffolding. 101263812
6 Dausin Electric Company
San Antonio, TX 78249
7/23/2009 Victim was completing electrical work from a ladder. He was shocked and fell 8 feet to the ground. 100605278
6 Tuttle's Machine and Supplies,
New Iberia, LA 70563
7/24/2009 Victim was polishing a shaft. The shaft flew out and struck him on the chest. 100558998
6 NOW Specialities, Inc.
Dallas, TX 75202
7/30/2009 Victim fell from a swing stage after the cable supports broke. 100784701
6 CAMtech Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Euless, TX 76040
8/4/2009 Victim was moving a large metal fixture with a bridge crane. The fixture slipped off the supports and crushed him. 100715671
6 CGH Speciality Contractors, Inc.
Independence, LA 70443
8/4/2009 Victim, during the repair/construction of building gutters, fell from a mechanical lift. 100559053
6 Shawn Hoppingarner Roofing,
Webster, TX 77598
8/4/2009 Victim was performing roofing operations. While removing a skylight on the roof, stepped into the open hole and fell. 101933687
6 YRC Corp.,
Dallas, TX 75247
8/4/2009 Victim was returning to a job assignment and was struck by a yard-truck. 100784719
10 Siller Brothers, Inc.,
McCall, ID 83638
8/4/2009 Lightning struck a maintenance truck as it was on an airport tarmac. Four employees were hospitalized. 100231869