Weekly Fatality Reports

Weekly Fatality/Catastrophe Report

This table contains the weekly summaries of fatalities and catastrophes resulting in the hospitalization of three or more workers. Employers must report these incidents to OSHA within eight hours. The summaries below include only preliminary information, as reported to OSHA Area Offices or to States which operate OSHA-approved State Plans. The fatalities listed here include only those that initially appear to be work-related, but excludes fatalities that do not appear to be work-related, such as an apparent heart attack of a sedentary worker. OSHA investigates all work-related fatalities and catastrophes. After OSHA's investigation is complete, these reports will be updated with inspection results and citation information.

Weekly Summary (Federal and State data tabulated week ending JAN 29, 2010)
Date of Incident Company and Location Preliminary Description of Incident
11/12/2009 Clear Creek CBM LLC,
Coshen, UT 84633
Individual removed a strap to unload pipe from a semi-trailer and one of the pipes fell onto the individual which resulted in his death. After extensive review it has been determined there was no employer/employee relationship.
1/8/2010 Mechanical Solutions LLC dba Simpson Company,
Boulder, CO 80304
Worker fell through a guardrail 8 to 10 feet from mezzanine to lower level.
1/21/2010 Sergio Leon dba Sergio & Ruben,
Hot Springs Village, AR 71909
Worker was installing 2 by 6 ceiling joists on a home. One of the joists broke; the worker lost his balance and fell 10 feet to the concrete floor inside.
1/22/2010 American Grading and Land Clearing,
Peachtree City, GA
Two workers were performing tree removal. The tree fell on the two workers. One worker fatality and one worker hospitalization.
1/22/2010 Shannon Platt Construction,
Centerville, SD 57014
Worker was removing the cone-shaped roof of a grain bin. Worker was working from a basket that was attached lengthwise off of the end of the forks 12 feet and was elevated 35 feet in the air. The forklift tipped over and struck the ground.
1/23/2010 Cooper-Vennette Property Services, Inc.,
Tampa, FL 33634
Worker was spray painting a building and was found pinned/crushed between the aerial bucket and an awning structure.
1/23/2010 Ethyl Corporation,
Pasadena, TX 77503
Worker was collecting a water sample and was found with the upper half of his body in a diked containment area containing 11 inches of rain water.
1/25/2010 H.D. Supply,
La Habra, CA
Worker was standing beside his truck preparing to strap down a load of steel sprinkler pipe bundles, when a forklift operator loading bundles on the left side of the truck bed inadvertently knocked a bundle off the truck bed. The bundle struck the driver knocking him to the ground. He was transported to the hospital where he died later from internal injuries.
1/26/2010 Cassens Transport Company,
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878
Worker was struck by passing vehicle while he was delivering cars.
1/26/2010 Lehigh Southwest Cement Co.,
Tehachapi, CA 93561
Worker was run over by tractor trailer.
1/26/2010 Roy Builders Inc.,
Lansing, NY 14882
Worker fell from roof elevation.
1/26/2010 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority,
Rockville, MD 20805
Two maintenance workers were killed when struck by a rail maintenance vehicle while establishing a work zone.
1/27/2010 Alko Systems, Inc.,
Marco Island, FL 34145
Worker was installing security cameras and fell from a flat roof 16 feet.
1/28/2010 Max Convenience Stores, LLC,
Louisville, KY 40223
Worker was working at 2:47 a.m. in a convenience store, when he was shot during a robbery attempt. He was taken off life support on 1/27/2010.
1/28/2010 Thermal Polymer Systems, LC,
Angleton, TX 77515
Workers were coating the interior of a trailer tank; fumes ignited from the trailer tank, causing a flash fire. One worker fatality and two workers were hospitalized.
1/30/2010 Cargill Meat Solutions,
Nebraska City, NE 68410
Worker was disassembling storage racks from inside a scissor lift elevated 20 feet and attaching a strap to the rack and slowly leaning it over. The strap caught the lift and tipped over with the rack.