Regional Federal and State Fatality/Catastrophe
Weekly Report Ending
September 4, 2009

This page of the weekly FAT/CAT Report totals individual OSHA-36 Forms received from Area Offices and State Plan States. The OSHA-36 provides an initial report of either a work-related death of one or more employees or the in-patient hospitalization of three or more employees.
No. of OSHA-36
No. of OSHA-36
Region I 0   0
Region II 3   0
Region III 0   0
Region IV 1   2
Region V 3   0
Region VI 2   0
Region VII 0   0
Region VIII 0   0
Region IX 0   0
Region X 0   0
Federal Total     9 State Total* 2
* There are 27 OSHA-approved State Plans. Twenty-two cover both the private and public sectors. Five cover Public (State and local government) Employees Only.