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In 2004, OSHA recognized that a number of Alliance Program participants shared a common interest in construction-related topics and issues. As a result, the Agency formed the OSHA Alliance Program Construction Roundtable to provide participants with the opportunity to share construction-related information about Alliance-related activities and successes, network with others in the Program, and develop compliance assistance tools and resources.

Initially, Fall Protection and Design for Safety (DFS) Workgroups were established. The Workgroups met regularly and developed and disseminated construction-related compliance assistance tools and other resources to employers and workers. Over time, the Workgroups began to meet jointly and work on joint projects. At the November 19, 2009, Construction Roundtable meeting, the group agreed to discontinue the Fall Protection and DFS Workgroups to more broadly focus on safety and health issues and trends in the construction industry.

For information on the efforts of the Workgroups, please see the meeting notes.