Through the Alliance, OSHA and CareerSafe will continue to improve awareness of workplace safety and health among youth workers, ages 16 to 24, school educators and administrators, and employers by providing them with information and resources on the most common hazards encountered by new workers in order to prevent and reduce workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities, and improve young workers’ understanding of the rights of workers and the responsibilities of employers under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act).

OSHA and CareerSafe will work together to achieve the following objectives:

  • Share information on OSHA’s National Outreach Initiatives and Regulatory Activities, and opportunities to participate in initiatives and the rulemaking process.
  • Share information on occupational safety and health laws and standards, including the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers.
  • Develop information on the recognition and prevention of workplace hazards, particularly those faced by young workers, and communicate such information (e.g., print and electronic media, electronic assistance tools, and OSHA’s and CareerSafe’s websites) to young workers and their employers.
  • Speak, exhibit, or appear at OSHA’s conferences, local meetings, and youth-focused events, including career and technical education events.
  • Convene or participate in forums, roundtable discussions, or stakeholder meetings focused on young and entry-level workers to raise awareness of the foundational occupational safety and health (OSH) competencies and training needs of these workers among educators and employers, enhance OSH training in career education, and engage these workers in conversations about the safety and health issues impacting them.
  • Collaborate with other Alliance participants on young and entry-level worker safety and health.
  • Build relationships with OSHA’s National, Regional and Area Offices to address health and safety issues, particularly those most impacting young workers.
  • Review and contribute to OSHA publications and resources intended for young workers and employers in industries that rely heavily on these workers.

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