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  1. Alliance Background

    Date Signed: July 25, 2006
    Date Renewed: November 12, 2008

    Alliance Overview

    This alliance provides WATC’s students, business partners and others with information, guidance and access to training resources that will help them protect employee’s health and safety with particular emphasis in the areas of Youth and Hispanic outreach/training to reduce construction and general industry hazards.

    Implementation Team Members

    • David Young                 Department Chair, Aviation/Advanced Manufacturing
    • Patty Aubert                 Administrative Assistant, South Side Education Center
    • David K. McDonnell       Compliance Assistance Specialist, Wichita Area Office
  2. Implementation Team Meetings

    An implementation team meeting was held June 22, 2010 to discuss the OSHA Alliance with the new implementation team contact.

  3. Activities and Products

    Evaluation Period

    July 26, 2009 through July 25, 2010

    Alliance Activity

    Training and Education

    • Develop and deliver training and education programs on various issues affecting the safety and health of Hispanic/Latino employers and employees
    • Jointly deliver or arrange for the delivery of OSHA-specific training courses
    WATC offered the following Spanish classes:
    • Cultures, Languages & Safety
      • April 7, 2010
      • (see attached flyer)
      • No enrollment
    • Prevention of Fatalities & Worker Injuries in Construction
      • April 23, 2010
      • (see attached flyer)
      • No enrollment
    • OSHA 10 Hour DOL Construction Certification
      • April 28, 2010
      • (see attached flyer)
      • No enrollment
    Outreach and Communication

    • Provide expertise in developing information on the recognition and prevention of workplace hazards, and to provide expertise in developing ways of communicating such information (e.g. print and electronic media, electronics assistance tools and OSHA’s and WATC’s websites) to employers and employees.

      • WATC met with HURST on April 15, 2010 regarding the potential to provide OSHA training for employees at packing plants.
      • WATC met with organizations representing the Dairy industry including BP, COW and Dairyland regarding potential OSHA training on April 21, 2010.
    • Speak, exhibit or appear at WATC safety and health conferences, local meetings, conferences and other appropriate meetings or events.

      • WATC visited with high school students about careers in Safety and Health at the LEARN TO EARN event November 10, 2009.
      • WATC provided a safety presentation to Mr. Kampadari at the Indochinese Center on January 5, 2010.
      • WATC provided OSHA presentations to WATC students on February 3, 2010.
      • WATC participated in an OSHA Virtual Training Webinar on April 7, 2010.
    • Share information among OSHA personnel and others regarding WATC’s best practices or effective approaches and publicize results through outreach by WATC and through OSHA or WATC developed materials, training programs, workshops, seminars and lectures.

      • WATC is satellite outreach site of the Metropolitan Community College-Business and Technology Center (MCC-BTC) in Kansas City, MO. As such; WATC developed an enrollment plan that was approved by the MCC in Kansas City.
      • WATC developed a safety resume template that specifically identifies requirements prior to enrollment of any OSHA 500 class (see copy attached).
    • Promote and encourage WATC students and business partner’s participation in OSHA’s cooperative programs such as compliance assistance, the Voluntary Protection Program, Consultation and the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program.

      • No activity reported under this goal during this evaluation period.
    Alliance Products

    WATC personnel provided the following outreach training in this evaluation period – all courses were listed on the WATC interactive schedule on the website except the OSHA 10 hour courses

    Fall Schedule (2009)

    • OSHA 2264-Confined Space – no enrollment
    • OSHA 510 Construction                                                  8 students completed
    • OSHA 501 Trainer Course for General Industry                 1 student completed
    • OSHA 500 Construction Train/Trainer
    • OSHA 511 Trainer Course for General Industry                 1 student completed
    • Lead Abatement – no enrollment
    • Asbestos Operations & Maintenance – no enrollment
    • OSHA 10 hr Construction
      • Offered two classes                                            23 students completed
    Spring Schedule (2010)

    • OSHA 511 General Industry – no enrollment
    • OSHA 501 General Industry Trainer – no enrollment
    • OSHA 501 General Industry Trainer – no enrollment
    • OSHA 510 Construction – no enrollment
    • OSHA 510 Construction – no enrollment
    • OSHA 500 Construction Train/Trainer                              5 students completed
    • OSHA 2015 HazMat – no enrollment
    • OSHA 10 hr Construction
      • Offered two classes                                             9 students completed
    • OSHA 10 hr General Industry
      • Offered nine classes                                          85 students completed
    Summer Schedule (2010)

    • OSHA 511 General Industry 3 students completed
    • OSHA 501 General Industry 6 students completed
      • Note: OSHA provided a question and answer session at two classes listed immediately above.
  4. Results
    Type of Activity (Conference, Training, Print and Electronic Distribution, etc.) Number of Individuals Reached or Trained
    OSHA 510 8
    OSHA 501 7
    OSHA 511 4
    OSHA 500 5
    OSHA 10-Hour Construction 32
    OSHA 10-Hour General Industry 85
    TOTAL 141

  5. Upcoming Milestones

    • Improved contact and renewed activity through a new Liaison at WATC
    • Torque training which includes safety aspects such as mechanical integrity and reliability will be offered by WATC in 2010/2011
    • Possible Boy Scout Merit Badge (includes safety requirements) as community service project
    • David Young and Patty Aubert attended OSHA Recording Keeping class July 19, 2010

    Report Prepared by:  David McDonnell

    For more information, contact the Office of Outreach Services and Alliances at 202-693-2340 or go to OSHA's Webpage.