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Alliance Annual Report

March 4, 2003 – March 4, 2004

  1. Alliance Background


    The UMKC, Center for Construction Excellence (CCE) / Black and Veatch alliance was established to educate middle-school students about safe and healthful working conditions in the construction industry. This alliance was created to assure construction safety was included in a curriculum designed by CCE that is presented to middle school students residing in Region VII. This curriculum is presented to middle school students as a part of their normal coursework to introduce them to the construction industry as a possible source of future employment. Throughout the year, students work on different aspects of a construction project in their various classes. As the year progresses, the students design and build a scale-model of their construction project and compete with other schools at the ‘Design and Build’ competition held in Kansas City every year.

    CCE, Black and Veatch, and OSHA all believe that it is important to make construction safety an important part of that curriculum so that when students enter the workforce, they understand their rights and what to expect relative to construction safety.

    The alliance goals are:
    • To develop a construction safety component for the Design and Build curriculum.

    • Review the curriculum to ensure any new issues are included and all the information is current.

    • Provide UMKC access to available construction related training materials and information on other Department of Labor regulations related to young workers.
    Implementation Team Members

    Jim Johnson - Black & Veatch

    Dan Corcoran - OSHA

    Janet Paulson Smith - UMKC-CCE

    Evaluation Period

    March 4, 2003 – March 4, 2004

  2. Implementation Team Meetings

    09/30/04 – Met to discuss curriculum and upcoming Design & Build Competition

    12/19/03 – Met to discuss curriculum and upcoming Design & Build Competition

  3. Events and Products


    March 4, 2003 - 5th Annual Design and Build Competition. OSHA, Black & Veatch, & UMKC Alliance Signed. R. Davis Layne was one of the signatories

    July, 2003 – A presentation was given to middle school students on various aspects of construction safety including a discussion on the top 4 direct causes of fatalities in construction.

    March 2, 6th Annual Design and Build Competition was held at Union Station in Kansas City, MO. The event was attended by Chuck Adkins, Manuel Olmedo, Dan Corcoran, Bob Vezeau, and Matt Gaines from OSHA. A contingent from Black and Veatch was also present.


    An excavation curriculum project was developed by CCE using information on OSHA’s web pages. This curriculum was reviewed by OSHA and B&V during an implementation team meeting. The project entailed the use of a scale model trench to demonstrate trenching properties to students.

    Object Lessons at Design and Build Competition – The implementation team contacted various organizations and invited them to be present at the event and to have a 10 minute object lesson for the kids. OSHA had a game set out to teach them about the risk of getting hurt at work for worker’s that take chances. Black and Veatch had an object lesson on fall protection and the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health had a booth with an object lesson on excavation safety.

  4. Results

    There were over 7000 students exposed to the Design & Build ‘Crayons to CAD’ curriculum.

    Several thousand students competed at the Design and Build competition on March 4th, 2004 and were subsequently exposed to the safety related object lessons put on by OSHA, Black & Veatch, NIOSH, and other exhibitors.

  5. Upcoming Milestones

    The Center for Construction Excellence has expanded its scope to a national audience and has moved to East Carolina University, however, OSHA and Black and Veatch still plan to continue with the alliance, and the annual Design and Build competition will continue to be held in Kansas City, MO.

    Currently Black and Veatch and OSHA are working on 4 to 5 safety lessons to be included in the Design and Build curriculum for next year, which is focused on heavy highway construction. These lessons will be submitted to Dr. Janet Paulson Smith by the third week of July for her to review and incorporate into the Design and Build Curriculum.