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Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the
Mexican – American Commission of Nebraska
November 2003 – October 2004

I. Alliance Background

Date Signed

November 4, 2002


This Alliance addresses safety and health issues confronted by the Hispanic/Latino workforce in Nebraska by using the collective expertise of OSHA (including OSHA Consultation) and the Mexican-American Commission of Nebraska to advance a culture of injury and illness prevention and the sharing of best practices and technical knowledge. The agreement also focuses on a number of goals including:

Training and education:
  • Develop and deliver training and education programs on various issues affecting the safety and health of Hispanic/Latino employers and employees.
  • Jointly deliver or arrange for the delivery of OSHA-specific training courses.
Outreach and communication:
  • Seek opportunities to jointly develop and disseminate information at conferences, events, or through print and electronic media, including links from OSHA’s and the Mexican-American Commission of Nebraska’s Web sites.
  • Seek opportunities to speak, exhibit, or appear at conferences, local meetings, or other events.
  • Promote and encourage Mexican-American Commission members’ participation in OSHA’s cooperative programs such as compliance assistance, the Voluntary Protection Program, Consultation, and SHARP. In addition, act as mentors to Mexican-American Commission members that aspire to excellence in safety and health.
Implementation Team Members
  • Cecilia Huerta, Executive Director, Mexican-American Commission
  • Jose Santos, Commissioner, Mexican-American Commission
  • Doug Fletcher, CAS OSHA – Omaha Area Office
Evaluation Period

11/01/2003 – 10/27/2004

II. Implementation Team Meetings
  • January 2004
  • April 2004
  • July 2004
III. Events and Products

Training and Education

  • Commissioner Santos attends the bi-monthly meetings of the Nebraska Meat Processing partnership. He was also selected to attend and present at the OSHA Hispanic Summit in Orlando, Florida during July 2004.
Outreach and Communication

  • The primary activity of this alliance has been the dissemination of OSHA/safety and health information through the use of the Mexican-American Commission newsletter and electronic distribution systems. These “systems” reach over 6,500 recipients throughout the state.
V. Upcoming Milestones

OSHA representatives will be attending the November 2004 meeting of the Commission to provide training on OSHA referrals and to discuss future opportunities for the Alliance.