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The Hispanic Contractors Association de San Antonio (HCA SA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) agree to establish an Alliance to promote safe and healthful working conditions for Hispanic construction workers. The number of Hispanic construction workers killed or injured on the job in construction is disproportionate to those of other groups of workers. To promote safer working conditions, better understanding of safety and health practices, and cooperation between stakeholders, HCA SA and the OSHA agree to:

  • Help construction contractors (employers) improve knowledge of safe and healthful work practices and achieve compliance with safety and health standards and other regulations promulgated pursuant to the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970; and

  • Increase access to safety and health training resources and related materials in Spanish. for construction employers and employees who are not fluent in the English language

Both organizations acknowledge that, when English is not the first language of construction employers and/or employees in the United States, access to training and information about safe and healthful work practices may be limited compared to native English-speakers. To bridge this language barrier and other potential gaps in access, the HCA SA and OSHA agree to work together to:

  • Identify existing resources and stimulate the development of new resources for Hispanic construction employers and employees, such as' safety and health publications, audio visual and other reference materials that are in Spanish.

  • Seek opportunities to jointly exhibit and disseminate safety and health information at conferences, events, community-based activities, and through electronic mediums.

  • Establish an annual "Safety Day" event to promote free Spanish-language safety hazard awareness training for construction workers and employers in the State of Texas.

  • Work with community and faith based organizations and other leadership groups to build safety and health awareness within the Hispanic community.

  • Encourage bilingual individuals in construction to take the OSHA train-the-trainer course on occupational safety and health standards for the construction industry, so they qualify to teach Hispanic workers the OSHA 10- and 30-hour construction safety and health outreach courses in Spanish.

  • Promote and encourage participation in the OSHA cooperative programs (e.g compliance assistance, consultation and mentoring) among RCA SA members.

  • Working in mutual Cooperation to establish a partnering program between HCA SA and OSHA for each chapter.

Participating member of the organizations will meet to facilitate the goals of the Alliance. The participating members will draft a document formalizing the Alliance procedures and establish methods to track, analyze, and evaluate the Alliance activities.

Two original copies of this present agreement are signed and rectified on this 1st. day of April 2003. Thus validating dual texts equally.

THEREFORE, the Hispanic Contractors Association de San Antonio (HCA SA) and Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) hereby enter into this alliance.

Larry Ybarra
Hispanic Contractors Association de San Antonio


Joe Reina
Deputy Regional Administrator
OSHA Region VI


Paul Brantley
OSHA Area Director Austin