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On February 12, 2009, the OSHA Region VI Baton Rouge, Louisiana Area Office; Boat People SOS, (BPSOS) New Orleans signed an Alliance to provide the membership and other with information, guidance, access to training resources for improved worker health and safety, particularly in the Vietnamese-American community. The Alliance focused on the reduction and prevention of workers exposures to chemical, fall, struck-by, caught-between and electrical hazards.

Through OSHA and Boat People SOS, (BPSOS) New Orleans worked together to meet the agreements' goals and achieve a number of successes including:

February 2009 – OSHA-CAS assisted the BPSOS New Orleans Office with a training presentation for the organization's "Safety at Work Program." The CAS provided a first-hand perspective for the "Introduction to OSHA" course segment, along with updates on current OSHA emphasis activities. The CAS also provided information and guidance on the development and implementation of effective safety and health management systems.

May 2009 - OSHA 10- Hour Construction Safety Course was offered to members.

July 2009 - Personal Protective Equipment. Training schedules for member and non-member facilities and organizations were forwarded to Vietnamese Community small businesses owners.

September 2009 - BPSOS attended and provided an information booth at Autumn Festival Fair in Marrero, Louisiana.

October 2009 - BPSOS conducted a "Walking Working Services" class where OSHA publications were distributed the class attendees.

December 2009 - BPSOS conducted workshop at La Vang Church to promote Workplace Safety and Health. Topics for discussion included first aid and CPR training awareness.

January 2010 – OSHA and Boat People SOS 2010 Safety and Health Planning Meeting.

May 2010 – OSHA and Boat People SOS address how to assist with Oil Spill.

June 2010 - Baton Rouge Area office participated in the Community outreach that provided information to folks affected by the Deepwater Horizon incident.

July 2010 – OSHA and Boat People attend workshop with the Asian Chamber of Commerce to people affected by the Deepwater Horizon incident.

July 2010 – OSHA attend Vermillion Open House Vietnamese Hall to people affected by the Deepwater Horizon incident.

After two years of alliance activities, meetings were conducted with the implementation team, consisting of open discussions/brainstorming sessions, site visits and evaluations, in order to meet established goals that would best serve, promote, and effect a change in the safety and health culture in the Vietnamese-American community.

Boat People SOS, (BPSOS) New Orleans was slated for a renewal on February 12, 2011. As a result, OSHA and Boat People SOS, (BPSOS) New Orleans agreed to conclude the alliance as of April 11, 2011. OSHA will continue to conduct outreach efforts in the Vietnamese-American community.

Report prepared by: Wilfred Hebert, Compliance Assistant Specialist, Baton Rouge Area Office, April 11, 2011.