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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Lyondell Chemical Company, Morris Complex Contractor Safety Council recognizes the value of establishing a collaborative relationship to foster safer and more healthful American workplaces. OSHA and Lyondell Chemical Company, Morris Complex Contractor Safety Council hereby form an Alliance to provide information, guidance, and access to training resources that will help them protect employees’ health and safety, particularly in reducing and preventing exposure to jobsite hazards. Specific jobsite hazards to be addressed include, but not limited to:

  • Slips, trips, and falls.
  • Caught in and/or struck by.
  • Thermal, chemical, and electrical burns.
  • Physical hazards (e.g., noise, radiation, cold, heat, et al.)
  • Exposure to harmful chemical and related materials.
  • Safety and health issues and concerns that could impact employees and their families.

In developing this Alliance, OSHA and Lyondell Chemical Company, Morris Complex Contractor Safety Council recognize that OSHA’s State Plan and Consultation Project partners are an integral part of the OSHA national effort.

OSHA and Lyondell Chemical Company, Morris Complex Contractor Safety Council will work together to achieve the following training and education goals:

  • Work with OSHA to provide expertise to develop workplace safety and health curricula for the on boarding of contractors to Lyondell’s safety process. The focus of this initiative will be to fully integrate contractors in the Lyondell MIO (Morris Illinois Operations) Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) policies and procedures, establish expectations for safety work practices, and familiarize contractors with the Lyondell MIO safety culture.

  • Enhance the quality and effectiveness of the Lyondell’s behavior based observation process. The foundation of this process will be to expand the behavioral aspects that encourages safe behaviors and the identification of at risk behaviors

  • Collaborate with OSHA to develop a format for site contractors to review and comment on plant HSE policies, review for understanding with their constituents, and share that understanding though a common contractor form.

OSHA and Lyondell Chemical Company, Morris Complex Contractor Safety Council will work together to achieve the following outreach and communication goals:

  • With the assistance and expertise of OSHA, develop and disseminate a Contractor’s Industrial Hygiene (IH) Training Program that would provide an elementary, but fundamental, knowledge of potential IH concerns in their work environment. Specifically, this program would cover risk assessment, monitoring prioritization, monitoring strategy, record keeping, and notification requirements of results. Through an outreach effort, this program would be shared with other contractors in the immediate industrial community.

  • Share information and best practices, as jointly determined by OSHA and Lyondell Contractor Safety Council, with other Alliance participants and regional Contractors Safety Councils. The focus to develop a dialogue with other similar industrial groups and contractor committees, on enhancing the cooperation between owner and contractor, and increasing the understanding and mediation of similar site concerns.

OSHA’s Alliances provide parties an opportunity to participate in a voluntary cooperative relationship with OSHA for purposes such as training and education, outreach and communication and promoting a national dialogue on workplace safety and health. These Alliances have proved to be valuable tools for both OSHA and its Alliance participants. By entering into an Alliance with a party, OSHA is not endorsing any of that party’s products or services; nor does the Agency enter into an Alliance with the purpose of promoting a particular party’s products or services.

An implementation team made up of representatives of both organizations will meet to develop a plan of action, determine working procedures, and identify the roles and responsibilities of the participants. In addition, they will meet at least quarterly to track and share information on activities and results in achieving the goals of the Alliance. OSHA will encourage OSHA Illinois Onsite Consultation Project’s participation on the team.

This agreement will remain in effect until December 31, 2008. Any signatory may terminate it for any reason at any time, provided they give 30 days written notice. This agreement may be modified at any time with the concurrence of all signatories.

Kathy O’Connell
Area Director
Occupational Safety and Health Administration


Richard L. Purgason
Plant Manager, Morris Complex
Lyondell Chemical Company


Mark Sasek
HSES Manager, Morris Complex
Lyondell Chemical Company


Ralph Topete
Chairman, Contractor Safety
Morris Chemical Company