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    Title: Who's Entering Alliances?

    Types of Participants
    • Associations
    • Professional Societies
    • Labor Unions
    • Consulates
    • Community Organizations
    • Other Non-Traditional Non-Profits
    • Educational Institutions
    • Individual Companies
    • Government Agencies (only if joined with non-governmental organizations)
    Industries Covered
    • General Industry
    • Construction
    • Health Care
    • Maritime
    • Landscaping
    • Window Washing
    • Many others

    [Includes images of the Alliance and OSHA logos]

    Speaker Notes:

    OSHA enters into Alliances with a variety of organizations, including industry associations, professional societies, labor unions, consulates, community and faith-based groups, and other non-traditional non-profit groups.

    The Alliances cover a variety of industries, including general industry, construction, maritime, and health care.