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    Title: Alliance Program Roundtables
    • Comprised of organizations with a common interest in topics and issues
    • Provide participants with the opportunity to:
      • Share specific topic-related information about Alliance-related activities and successes
      • Network with others in the Program
      • Develop compliance assistance tools and resources
    • Roundtable topics have included:
      • Construction
      • Hazard Communication
      • Small Business

    [Includes images of Alliance and OSHA logos]

    Speaker Notes:

    Since the inception of the Alliance Program, OSHA has hosted meetings to bring together Alliance Program participants to network, identify opportunities for collaboration to develop programs and materials, and showcase their products and activities. OSHA recognized that the Alliance Program participants were interested in a number of the same topics and issues and their expertise could be leveraged by bringing them together to discuss these topics and develop related compliance assistance tools and resources. As a result, OSHA began scheduling and holding Alliance Program Roundtable meetings.

    Construction Roundtable
    OSHA formed the OSHA Alliance Program Construction Roundtable in 2004 to provide participants with the opportunity to share construction-related information about Alliance-related activities and successes, develop products, and network with others in the Program.

    The following are example of products developed through the Construction Roundtable:

    • Strains, Sprains and Material Handling Safety Tips for Employers and Workers (2011). Provides safety guidance for employers and workers focusing on the reduction of strains and sprains in the construction industry.
    • Sprains and Strains Toolbox Talk (2010). Provides a brief overview of how to prevent sprains and strains on construction sites.
    • Construction Workplace Design Solutions (2010). These provide possible design solutions for various fall hazards in construction.
    • Prevention of Fall Fatalities and Injuries in Construction (2008). This slide presentation (in English and Spanish) focuses on the top causes of falls in the construction industry and provides fall prevention guidance for design engineers, contractors, and workers.
    • Ladder Safety Toolbox Talks (2007). Through the Alliance Program Construction Roundtable's Fall Protection Workgroup, the Workgroup developed a series of toolbox talks focusing on ladder safety.
    • Fall Protection Presentation (2007). This presentation (in English and Spanish) was developed by the SWR Institute addressing fall protection issues in construction industry including fall protection systems.
    • Design for Construction Safety 2-4 Hour Course (2006). This course provides technical information on designing for construction safety.
    • Fall Protection Safety Tips Sheets for Employers and Employees (2005). These documents provide tips to help prevent fall-related injuries.

    Hazard Communication/GHS Roundtable
    Representatives from 17 Alliances met on July 18, 2012, to discuss the development of hazard communication compliance assistance resources. The group identified specific hazard communication issues to discuss the 2012 Hazard Communication Standard, and changes that industry can expect in training, labeling, and Safety Data Sheets (formally Material Safety Data Sheets). 

    Small Business Roundtable
    Through the Alliance Program, a number of the Program's participants came together to participate in a Small Business Roundtable. During the Roundtable meetings, OSHA provided the Alliance Program participants an opportunity to work with the Agency to address safety, health and compliance assistance resources for the small business community. In addition, the Roundtable participants reviewed and provided OSHA with feedback on compliance assistance resources and OSHA's On-site Consultation programs. Roundtable meetings were held on September 8, 2005 and February 1, 2007.