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    Title: Alliance Program Results: Case Studies and Success Stories
      Case Studies
      • Alliance Program participants developed detailed case studies that demonstrate the value of workplace safety and health
      Success Stories
      • Alliance Program participants developed success stories that highlight successful measures that employers have implemented to improve workplace safety and health

    [Includes images of Alliance and OSHA logos]

    Speaker Notes:

    • OSHA and the American Foundry Society Case Study: "Clearing the Air At Acme Foundry: Integrated Engineering Design of a New Casting Cleaning and Finishing Facility." OSHA. 2010. Acme Foundry reduced its workers exposure to silica and made other workplace safety and health improvements in the expanded cleaning and finishing department at its foundry in Coffeyville, Kansas.
    • Graphic Arts Coalition's member Ritrama, a multi-national corporation, designed and implemented a safety and health program to educate the managers, supervisors and employees about safe work practices and company-specific procedures at its manufacturing plant in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a result of the program, the company reduced its workers' compensation premiums, increased productivity and product quality, and improved its employee recruitment and retention. Posted to the Web site in 2007.
    • Washington Division of URS Corporation worked with OSHA to develop a case study in 2007 describing how the company incorporated its design for safety process into the construction of the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Facility in eastern Idaho.
    • The Dow Chemical Company worked with OSHA to develop "Contractor Safety Case Study: Texas Operations Contractor Alliance for Safety at Dow Facility in Freeport, Texas." This case study, published in 2008, describes how the Texas Operations Contractor Alliance for Safety (TOCAS) works to identify and articulate the safety-related needs of its broad spectrum of contractor companies and partners with Texas operations to improve contractor safety performance.
    • A member of the OSHA and The Steel Group Alliance, Chaparral Steel, worked with OSHA to develop a case study on its "Manager Accountability for Safety and Health Program" to reduce injuries and illnesses in the workplace. This case study was posted to OSHA's Web site in 2005.
    • The OSHA and Abbott Alliance developed a series of case studies, posted on OSHA's Web site in 2005, that can be incorporated into business school curricula to communicate the business value and competitive advantage of an effective safety and health program.  In addition, a slide presentation was developed to accompany the case studies.

    Success Stories

    Through the Alliance Program, OSHA has developed Regional Alliance success stories, ergonomics success stories, and other success stories.  Success story examples include:

    • "Metal Casting Facility's Work with OSHA On-site Consultation and Participation in Iowa VPP Leads to Improved Workplace Safety and Health" (2011). Developed through the OSHA and American Foundry Society Alliance.
    • "Change in Safety Culture at Pepper Construction Company Leads to Dramatic Decline in Injuries and Illnesses" (2010). Developed through the Alliance Program's Construction Roundtable.
    • "Haskell Improves Safety at Construction Projects Through OSHA's Cooperative Programs and On-site Consultation Program" (2011). Developed through OSHA's Alliance with the Global Cold Chain Alliance.
    • "Kalmar Works with Texas On-site Consultation Program to Enhance Safety in Industrial Trucks" (2008).  Developed through the OSHA and Industrial Truck Association Alliance.
    • "Tree Care Industry Association Alliance Member – Kappen Trees Service – Receives Safety Award for 16 Years Without a Lost-Time Accident" (2008). Developed through the OSHA and Tree Care Industry Association Alliance.
    • "Tri-State Building Services Works with NYDOL for a Safer Workplace" (2011). Developed through the OSHA and Sealant Waterproofing and Restoration Institute Alliance.