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    Title: Alliance Program Results: Training and Education Speakers and Exhibits
    • Alliance Program participants may request OSHA to provide speakers and exhibit booths
      • Extends OSHA's reach to industry and labor stakeholders
      • Provides opportunities for stakeholders to interact with OSHA staff
      • Allows OSHA and stakeholders to work together to determine where to devote resources

    [Includes images of the Alliance and OSHA logos]

    Speaker Notes:

  • Alliances may request speakers or Alliance exhibit booths to:
    • Share subject matter expertise
    • Share OSHA perspective
    • Share accomplishments of the Alliance
    • Share information on other OSHA cooperative programs
    • Share information on OSHA compliance assistance resources
  • Advantages of working through an Alliance for these requests include
    • For OSHA:
      • Helps OSHA determine where the most impact will be when reaching an industry/constituency
      • Provides insight to OSHA regarding the hazards/issues of most import within an industry/constituency
    • For Industry:
      • Provides a centralized process for obtaining OSHA support at events rather than working through various local OSHA contacts
      • Allows for dialogue with OSHA to ensure the needs of the constituency are met