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    Title: Alliance Program Results: Training and Education

    One of the Three Focuses for the Alliance Program
    • Develop Safety and Health Training for Industry Use
    • Develop Training for Industry Workers About their Rights Under the OSH Act
    • Deliver Training Sessions to Workers

    [Includes images of the Alliance and OSHA logos]

    Speaker Notes:

    • Training and education is a primary focus of the Alliance Program
    • Through Alliances, Alliance Program participants can create training modules on specific hazards or issues within their industry.
      • Through National Alliances, the development of training modules can help an industry establish consistent use of good practices
      • Through local Alliances, the development of training modules can be specific to the needs of the local constituency
    • Alliances interested in developing training on workers' rights should use the basic information that OSHA has made available through our own compliance assistance materials, and then tailor it for the industry using examples and/or successes that will resonate with workers in the industry.
    • Delivering training to workers is a common goal of local Alliance agreements. Training can either be modules developed through the Alliance or other safety and health training pertinent to the industry (e.g. OSHA 10-Hour Outreach Training Program).