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    Title: Alliance Program Results
    • Products and resources
    • New and updated training resources
    • Outreach to workers and employers through speeches and exhibits
    • Case studies and success stories
    [Includes Screen Capture of the OSHA's Alliance Program Participant Developed Products Web page, Alliance and OSHA logos]

    Speaker Notes:

    The Alliance Program produces concrete results in the form of compliance assistance tools, presentations, training resources and outreach to assist workers and employers in the reduction of injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.

    Products and Resources: Through the Alliance Program, Alliance Program participants develop products to provide information to workers and employers on specific industries or hazards covered by the Alliances. While these products are reviewed by OSHA subject matter experts, the products are for informational purposes only and do not necessarily reflect the official views of OSHA or the U.S. Department of Labor. Products include tip sheets, fact sheets, toolbox talks, safety manuals, and Web pages. These products are posted on the Alliance participants Web sites and linked to on OSHAs Web site. For a complete listing, see the Alliance Program Participants Developed Products page on the Alliance Program Web page. This Web page also includes a collection of Spanish-language products developed by Alliance Program participants.

    Training Events: Training on various workplace safety and health topics has been developed and delivered through Alliances. These training event often involve the sharing of industry expertise with OSHA, State Plan, Consultation, and other safety and health professionals.

    Speeches and Exhibits: OSHA frequently conducts outreach through the Alliance Program by delivering presentations and exhibiting at conferences sponsored by Alliance Program participants.

    Case Studies and Success: Through the Alliance Program, OSHA has developed a number of case studies with Alliance Program participants. Through the Alliance Program OSHA has also developed Regional Alliance success stories, ergonomics success stories, and national success stories.