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    Title: Airlines Alliance Ongoing Vision
    Type: Text Slide
    • Communicate with and educate interested parties
    • Continually re-evaluate and prioritize
    • Identify additional safety and health issues to address in the aviation industry
    • Transfer and exchange knowledge with other areas of the transportation industry
    • Expand awareness of the Alliance world-wide
    • Continuous improvement

    Speaker Notes:

    Training manual: (referred to as a training module in the Alliance signed 11/12/02), will be available, without charge, to the aviation industry, OSHA, and other interested parties. Currently working on the ticketing counter section of the tool.

    OSHA and The Airline Group will work together to achieve the following outreach and communication goals:

    Industry Awareness Program: "Fact Sheet" with suggestions on how to pack baggage so it is easier to handle while traveling.

    Interested Parties: including a process for providing feedback and comments.

    Ergonomic issues related to airport design: Conduct a design consultation/seminar with and disseminate information to airports, manufacturers, and other interested parties to share information about, and promote consideration of ergonomic issues

    Educate interested parties about ergonomic issues: Is taking place during national safety related conferences, such as the National Safety Council’s National Safety Congress and Exposition.