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    Title: Historical Perspective
    Type: Text Slide

    • Flight Safety is every airline’s highest priority
    • Ground Employee Safety not as recognized
    • FAA compliance
    • OSHA ????

    Speaker Notes:

    Some of the reasoning that may have allowed this to happen is that Safety is the highest priority of every airline…If we don’t get that right, nothing else that we do matters. The problem has been that “Safety “ at an airline has been interpreted as something different than at any other industry. If an airline’s safety record is in question it is typically passenger safety and safety of flight that is referenced. If a typical factory’s safety record is presented, it is employee injury rates that are referred to.
    Over the years, and across all airlines, the employee ground safety programs have taken a back seat to the high profile flight and passenger safety issues that are inherent with airline operations.
    Also, Airlines live and die by FAA compliance for safety, however FAA regulations do little to address employee safety and health issues.
    Jurisdictional disputes and false perceptions that once existed over weather OSHA or FAA regulations apply to airlines did little to advance the cause of employee injury prevention through ergonomic methods.

    Which brings us to where we are today…...