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    Title: Alliance Program
    Type: Image Slide
    Content: Screen shot of OSHA's Alliance Webpage

    Speaker Notes:

    Since implementation, the Alliance Program has developed many products and conducted numerous activities that encourage participation in the Program. Some of these products and activities are included on the Alliance website; speeches and presentations at conferences, meetings and roundtable discussions; exhibiting; and news releases.

    The Alliance Program public page website has nearly 60,000 visits monthly. Visitors to the website can find information about the Program, agreement templates, and program participants. OSHA encourages Alliance participants to establish links to OSHAs website in order to promote the Alliance Program and activities. The Alliance website provides comprehensive information on the Program and its participants, including all the National, Regional and Area Office, and State Plan State Alliances. It also provides descriptive information for each Alliance; links to the Alliance agreement, describing the long- and short- term goals; and strategies for achieving these goals. The Alliance website is continually updated so that the most current information on the Program and its participants is included, and is also featured on the OSHA website navigation bar.