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    Title: Hispanic/ESL Coordinators
    Type: Image Slide
    Content: Screen shot of OSHA's Regional Hispanic/ESL Coordinators Webpage

    Speaker Notes:

    OSHAs Hispanic/English-As-Second-Language (ESL) Coordinators assist a variety of groups, including small businesses, trade associations, union locals, and community and faith-based groups with outreach, education and training to Spanish-speaking workers. The coordinators are available for Hispanic related seminars, workshops, and speaking events. They promote cooperative programs, such as the Alliance Program, as well as Spanish/other than English training materials, compliance assistance resources, and tools available on the OSHA Web site. There is one Hispanic/ESL Coordinator in each of the ten OSHA Regions.

    OSHAs Compliance Assistance Specialists can also provide general information about OSHA standards and compliance assistance resources.