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    Title: Camp Randall Stadium Renovation
    Type: Text Slide with image

    • 20 Companies and 250 Employees
    • 132 Hazards corrected during self-inspections
    • 181,839 hours with no lost or restricted injuries
    [Includes photo of a football stadium]

    Speaker Notes:

    Camp Randall Stadium Renovation and Construction Project #287

    Partners: Cullen Smith LLC; Wisconsin Health OSHA Consultation; Wisconsin Safety Consultation Program (WiSCon); Waausau Insurance Loss Prevention; Construction & General Laborers; International Union of Operating Engineers; Carpenters Local

    Date Signed: May 29, 2003

    Contact Information: Madison Area Office, (608) 441-5388

    Overview: During the construction/renovation of Camp Randall, the football stadium used by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the partners will work together to maintain illness and injury rates below the national average, develop a site-specific system to identify and correct hazards, and enhance training and safety and health management system implementation. Results: In early 2004, the Wausau Insurance Company awarded Cullen/Smith LLC an award for safety excellence at a quarterly partnership meeting at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, WI, which is undergoing an extensive 3 year renovation. Both Wausau Insurance Company and Cullen/Smith LLC are partners in this Partnership. More than 250 workers have been or are scheduled to be working at the site. OSHA, Cullen/Smith LLC, its partners and numerous building trade unions including Ironworkers, Equipment Operators and Laborers have been meeting monthly in an effort to ensure the safety of the employees working at the site.