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    Title: VPP for Construction - Why?
    Type: Text Slide with image

    • Provides flexibility to meet unique aspects of industry
    • Companies may attain recognition at different levels
    [Includes photo of a building under construction]

    Speaker Notes:

    VPP for Construction (VPPC) - was designed to meet the unique needs of the construction industry (short-term, high-hazard worksites)

    Unique aspects such as mobile workforces, short-term construction projects and changing conditions on construction sites made applying for and maintaining the requirements for traditional VPP overly difficult for the construction industry.

    Traditional site- based VPP does not fit the needs of all types of construction projects, General contractors, and sub-contractors.

    The new proposal VPP for Construction, announced in the Federal Register in August, 2004 introduces a new concept of three levels of participation:

    Three levels:
    • Corporate
    • Division/Business Unit
    • Site
    The proposal was open for 90 days for public comments:

    • 18 organizations officially commented
    • 14 Commentators generally supported proposal
    • 4 Commentators generally did not support proposal