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    Title: VPP Corporate
    Type: Text Slide with images

    • Maximize reliance on corporate pre-screening
    • Streamline applications
    • Streamline onsite evaluations
    • Maximize leadership and outreach
    [Includes images of the following corporate logos: Georgia-Pacific, Maytag, United States Postal Service, Dow, Johnson&Johnson, GE, and International Paper]

    Speaker Notes:

    VPP CORPORATE - was designed to test new processes that will enable companies with strong corporate commitment to VPP to bring more of their sites into the program in a more efficient, resource-saving manner.

    • The pilot concept is based on the following: Maximize reliance on corporate pre-screening or worksites, Streamline applications, Streamline onsite evaluations, Maximize leadership and outreach
    • When we launched the pilot commitment to participant in the pilot was received from: General Electric, Georgia Pacific , International Paper, Johnson & Johnson, Maytag, Dow, USPS
    • To date we have approved Georgia Pacific and the US Postal Service as VPP Corporate Participants. We should be approving International Paper shortly.
    • Next Dow Chemical Company will undergo the OSHA onsite Corporate Program Evaluation in June.
    • There has been very strong public interest in this pilot. We are currently maintaining a growing list of parties that have expressed an interest in possibly participating in this program.