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    Title: OSHA Challenge
    Type: Text Slide with image

    • Road Map for safety and health
    • Recognition
    • Conserve OSHA resources
    • Increase and expedite participation
    [Includes image of a map]

    Speaker Notes:

    OSHA CHALLENGE - was developed to provide guidance to employers and companies of all major industry groups strongly committed to improving their safety and health management systems and interested in pursuing VPP.

    Currently in OSHA Challenge we have a total of

    • 12 Administrators.
      • Each Administrator is working with a number of participants that are progressing through the Challenge stages.
    • 37 Participants
    • 27 Candidates in pipeline
    As Challenge approaches its one-year anniversary, Participants are being evaluated on their progression through the three stages of the program and reporting other results, such as reductions in injuries and illnesses.