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    Title: Airlines Industry Alliance
    Type: Image Slide
    Content: Screen shot of the Airlines Industry Alliance Webpage

    Speaker Notes:

    The Alliance addresses ergonomic issues associated with the handling of passenger checked baggage. It explores ways to promote communication, outreach, training, education and a national dialogue to reduce ergonomic related injuries.

    Alliance Signatories:
    Air Canada
    Airtran Airways
    Alaska Airlines
    American Airlines
    American Trans Air
    Delta Air Lines
    America West Airlines
    Continental Airlines
    Southwest Airlines
    United Airlines
    Jetblue Airways
    U.S. Airways
    Midwest Express Airlines
    United Airlines
    U.S. Airways
    NSC, International Air Transport Section

    Promotional Pamphlet - based on the baggage tag, has been developed and has more in-depth information, in a question and answer format, for airline passengers to think about and use on how to properly pack their baggage to avoid muscle strains and pulls. After the document is finalized, the airlines can post the pamphlet on their Web sites and/or print and distribute the document to travelers.

    NSC Workshops The Alliance sponsored workshops at the 2003 & 2004 NSC Congress & Expo. 2005 workshop is scheduled for September 2. The 2004 workshop included an overview of todays baggage handling process and the current challenges and impacts on the airline industry. The workshop presenters also updated the attendees on the groups activities and discussed the Alliances ongoing work, including the development of information for airline passengers on handling heavy bags, updates to the baggage handling eTool and the development of an ergonomics-training manual.

    Ergonomics Training Manual: The Alliance is developing a training manual for aviation baggage handlers on how to handle large volumes of passenger checked baggage safely and reduce the chance for injuries on the job. The draft manual covers: injury prevention, forces that affect the body, safety workplaces and identification and reducing risk factors and proper body mechanics for handling checked baggage. The Planeside Loading and Unloading and Ticketing Counter sections of the manual have been completed and the Alliance is developing the baggage make-up room section.