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Health Care IndustryCompliance Assistance Quick Start: Health Care Industry

Follow the steps below to identify some of the major OSHA requirements and guidance materials that may apply to your health care facility. These steps will lead you to resources on OSHA's Web site that will help you comply with OSHA requirements and prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.

For more information, see the Health Care Quick Start Library. This includes a collection of forms, resources, publications, and sample programs that are incorporated into the Quick Start steps, plus additional compliance assistance resources. You can use this collection as a reference after completing the steps.

NOTE: If you have Spanish-speaking employees, visit OSHA's Spanish-Language Compliance Assistance Resources page and OSHA en Espaol. If you employ temporary workers, visit OSHA's Protecting Temporary Workers page. If you employ teen or young workers, visit OSHA's Young Workers page.

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