Citizens Memorial Healthcare

State: Missouri

Company: Citizens Memorial Healthcare

Industry: Healthcare - SIC Code: 8059
Employees: 1,500
Success Brief:

An ergonomics program driven by employee participation has resulted in a significant decrease in injuries.

The Problem:

Citizens Memorial Healthcare, a participant in OSHA's Voluntary Protection Programs, sought to reduce the risk of ergonomic-related injuries typically found in the healthcare industry.

The Solution:

Each job within the company is evaluated for ergonomic risk factors, and employees receive training in body mechanics and injury avoidance. Assistive devices are available for lifting and transferring patients/residents, and stationary workstations are individualized. The company emphasizes employee involvement, however, as the most important element of the program. Employees participate in every aspect of safety management from risk assessment to program evaluation.

The Impact:

The company's 2002 injury incident rate represents a 66 percent decrease in injuries since the program was implemented.

  • Sherry Welch, Director of WorkHealth, Citizens Memorial Healthcare (February 2003).