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Health Care IndustryStep 2: Other Hazards at Health Care Facilities

In addition to the hazards addressed in step 1, there are a number of other potential safety and health hazards at health care facilities. The following provides links to OSHA compliance assistance resources for some of these hazards.

  1. Ergonomic hazards. Some of the major ergonomic stressors at health care facilities include lifting and repositioning patients and lifting materials.
  2. Workplace violence. Health care workers face a significant risk of job-related violence. OSHA encourages employers to establish violence prevention programs and to track their progress in reducing work-related assaults.
  3. Slips, Trips, and Falls. Slips, trips, and falls are among the leading causes of injuries in health care facilities.
  4. Influenza.
  5. Tuberculosis.
  6. Emergency response hazards
  7. Chemical hazards. Health care employees may be exposed to a variety of chemicals on the job. The following provides information on how to prevent or reduce exposure to some of these chemicals.
  8. Other hazards.

For more information on workplace safety and health hazards in health care facilities, see OSHA Safety and Health Topics Page: Healthcare Facilities.

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