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General Industry Step 7:  Find Additional Compliance Assistance Information
  1. Where can I find a collection of OSHA resources designed for smaller employers?
  2. Do you have Spanish-speaking employees?
  3. Do you employ temporary workers?
  4. Do you employ teen or young workers?
  5. Where can I find information to prevent heat illnesses in outdoor workers?
  6. Are you concerned that your employees could suffer musculoskeletal disorders at the workplace?
    • Visit OSHA's Ergonomics page to learn about OSHA's approach to ergonomics, review OSHA's voluntary ergonomic guidelines for various industries, and find training resources.
  7. Has OSHA developed any compliance assistance information targeted for my specific industry?
  8. How do I find out about OSHA's voluntary programs and other ways to work cooperatively with OSHA?
  9. How can I find OSHA's guidance on preparing workplaces for pandemic influenza?
  10. How can I keep up to date on OSHA's compliance assistance resources?
  11. What if I still have questions?
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