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General Industry Step 3:  Survey Your Workplace for Additional Hazards

Survey your workplace for additional hazards and OSHA requirements by:
  • Using a checklist. See the Self-Inspection Checklists in OSHA's Small Business Handbook. OSHA Publication 2209 (2005). Also available as a 264 KB PDF.
  • Using an online tool. OSHA eTool: OSHA Hazard Awareness Advisor. This tool can help you identify and understand common safety and health hazards in your workplace. It will ask you about activities, practices, material, equipment, and policies at your workplace. The Hazard Awareness Advisor uses your answers to determine the hazards that are likely to be present. It then prepares a customized report that briefly describes the likely hazards and the OSHA standards that address those hazards.
  • Reviewing OSHA's Safety and Health Information Bulletins
Find information on workplace safety and health hazards, such as:
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