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    Title: Program Evaluation Elements
    Type: Text Slide

    Processes involved in an evaluation include:
    • Establishing a uniform violence reporting system and regular reviews of reports
    • Reviewing reports and minutes from staff meetings on safety and security issues
    • Analyzing trends and rates in injuries, illnesses or fatalities
    • Measuring improvements based on lowering frequency and severity of workplace violence
    • Keeping up-to date records of administrative and work practice changes to prevent workplace violence.

    Speaker Notes: As part of their overall program, employers should evaluate their safety and security measures. Top management should review the program regularly, and with each incident, evaluate its success. Responsible parties (including managers, supervisors and workers) should reevaluate policies and procedures on a regular basis to identify deficiencies and take corrective action.

    Management should share workplace violence prevention evaluation reports with all workers. Any changes in the program should be discussed at regular meetings of the safety committee, and with union representatives or other worker groups.

    All reports should protect worker confidentiality either by presenting only worker aggregate data or by removing personal identifiers if individual data are used.

Page last updated: 03/15/2010