Significant Changes in the Asbestos Standard for
General Industry, 1910.1001 (through June 29, 1995)

Topic Change
PEL The PEL has been reduced to 0.1 fibers/cc from 0.2 fibers/cc as a TWA. The Excursion Limit remains 1.0 fibers/cc averaged over 30 minutes.
PACM Installed thermal system insulation and sprayed-on and troweled-on surfacing materials found in buildings constructed no later than 1980 are presumed to be asbestos-containing materials (greater than 1% asbestos).

Asphalt and vinyl flooring material installed no later than 1980 also must be treated as asbestos-containing.

These presumptions may be rebutted by specified inspection and testing.
Asbestos-containing flooring material Sanding of asbestos-containing flooring material is prohibited.

Specific procedures for floor care are mandated.
Brake/clutch repair Employers must use specific controls and methods specified in Appendix F, unless another method is demonstrated to achieve equivalent results.
Duties of building owners (identification, recordkeeping, notification, signs and labels) Building and facility owners must determine the presence, location, and quantity of ACM/PACM and keep records of asbestos-containing material and presumed asbestos-containing material.

They must inform other employers, and their own employees who will perform housekeeping activities, of the presence and location of such materials.

They must post signs at entrances to mechanical rooms/areas that contain ACM/PACM and that employees may enter.

Previously installed ACM/PACM must be identified by labels or signs.
Asbestos awareness training Employers must provide an asbestos awareness training course to employees who will perform housekeeping activities in an area containing ACM or PACM.
Medical surveillance A pre-employment exam may not be used as a "recent exam" to fulfill any of the standard's medical surveillance requirements, unless the employer paid for the pre-employment exam.