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    Title: Introduction
    Type: Text and Picture Slide
    • Workplace violence included physical assault, threatening behavior or verbal abuse occuring in the work setting
    • Late-night retail businesses, such as convenient stores, liquor stores, and gasoline stations have experienced high homicides and assault rates
    [Includes a photo of a robber with a gun pointed at a store clerk.]

    Speaker Notes: Workplace violence, whether it is defined narrowly to include only violent criminal acts, or broadly to include verbal threats, has long affected retail workers.

    OSHA developed these recommendations to help late-night retail employers design and implement prevention programs tailored to the workplace violence hazards in their businesses.

    Existing data while limited, suggests that late-night retail establishments, such as convenience stores, liquor stores, and gasoline stations, experience high homicide and assault rates.

    This publication is meant to provide guidance to retail employers so they may avoid such incidents whenever possible. By recognizing the hazards that lead to violent incidents and implementing appropriate prevention and control measures, employers will improve the safety of their workers.

    OSHA encourages employers to establish violence prevention programs and to track their progress in reducing work-related assaults. Although not every incident can be prevented, the severity of injuries sustained by workers can be reduced.

    Adopting practical measures, such as those outlined in this publication, can significantly reduce this serious threat to worker safety.

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