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    Title: Hazard Prevention and Control
    Type: Text and Picture Slide
    • After hazards are idenfied through systematic worksite analysis, employers will need to take steps to prevent or control these hazards
    [Includes photo of a worker reviewing monitors in a surveillance room.]

    Speaker Notes: Employers or someone they designate should develop measures that include engineering, procedural, and/or administrative changes to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of violent incidents.

    Employers will likely need a to use a combination of controls to manage the hazard identified through their hazard analysis but should carefully assess the effectiveness of each type of approach.

    Engineering controls are considered the most effective because they make physical improvements without any dependence on human behavior.

    If a given situation does not allow for engineering controls, employers should next consider procedural and administrative changes.

    Once prevention and control measures are in place, employers should ensure that procedures are followed and that workers are supported.

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