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    Title: Goal of the Recommendations
    Type: Text and Picture Slide

    • Encorage employers to implement programs to identify potential risks of workplace violence and to implement corrective measures
    [Includes clipart image of an arrow shot into a target.]

    Speaker Notes: In 1989, OSHA published voluntary, generic safety and health program management guidelines, followed by recommendations for workplace violence prevention programs in late-night retail establishments, published in 1998.

    The violent prevention information presented in the recommendations builds on these guidelines by identifying risk factors and describing some feasible solutions.

    Although not exhaustive, these workplace violence guidelines include policy recommendations and practical corrective methods to help prevent and mitigate the effects of workplace violence in late-night retail establishments.

    The goal of the recommendations is to encourage employers to implement programs to identify the potential risks of workplace violence and implement corrective measures.

    These recommendations are not a "model program" or rigid package of violence prevention steps uniformly applicable to all businesses, since environmental and other risk factors for workplace violence differ widely among workplaces.

    Employers may use a combination of strategies, recommended in this document, as appropriate, for their particular workplace.

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