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    Title: Worksite Analysis: Workplace Security Analysis (continued)
    Type: Text and Picture Slide

    The team or coordinator should:
    • Analyze incidents, including the characteristics of assailants and victims
    • Identify jobs or locations with greatest risk of violence
    • Note high risk factors such as store patrons or environmental factors
    • Evaluate effectiveness of existing security measures.
    [Includes a photo of a man waiting on the side of the road.]

    Speaker Notes: Incident descriptions should include an account of what happened before and after the incident, and the relevant details of the situation and its outcome. When possible, someone should obtain police reports and recommendations.

    The analysis should include an estimate of the frequency and time when the risk of violence is the greatest.

    Analysis should include whether or not security measures are being implemented and whether or no they reduce or eliminate risk factors.

    Appendix A of the recommendations contains some sample checklists that may assist employers in developing their own security analyses. Trade associations and other organizations may also have materials that can assist employers in assessing the risk of violent incidents at their worksites.

    In addition, some local law enforcement agencies provide free advice to business owners on ways to reduce exposure to crime. As with the workplace survey, employers may choose to hire independent consultants to analyze their worksites for security weaknesses.

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