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    Title: Worksite Analysis
    Type: Text and Picture Slide
    • Involves a step-by-step assessment to identify environmental and operational risks for violence
    • Recommended program for worksite analysis includes, but is not limited to:
      • Analyzing and tracking records
      • Conducting screening surveys
      • Analyzing workplace security
    [Includes a four photo colloge. First photo is of seven workers around a table. Second photo is of a reporting log. Third photo is of two workers discussing items on a clipboard. Fourth photo is of a small group of workers listening to a presentation.]

    Speaker Notes: Worksite analysis entails reviewing specific procedures or operations that contribute to hazards, identifying areas where hazards may develop and performing periodic safety audits.

    Since the hazard analysis is the foundation for violence prevention program, it is important for the employer to carefully consider the person (s) or team that will conduct the analysis.

    If a team is used, it should include representatives from senior management, operations, workers, security, occupational safety and health personnel, legal and human resources staff. A small business may only need to assign the duty to a single worker or consultant.

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