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    Title: Why Does OSHA Have a New National Emphasis Program?

    • Silica-related illnesses and fatalities continue to occur
    • The NEP is a written compliance directive incorporating updated information and policies and procedures adopted since 1996
    [Includes screen capture of the NEP Directive and the OSHA logo]

    Speaker Notes:

    Silicosis exposure and resultant disease are a continuing problem.

    --Silicosis was associated with 13,744 U.S. fatalities from1968-1990. Still about 200 silicosis deaths in U.S. every year.
    --Silicosis was the underlying cause of death of 868 men and 46 women in non-mining occupations from 1985-1992.

    --NIOSH estimates (Faye L. Rice, October 23, 2007, PCIH) about 2 million U.S. workers potentially exposed. Approximately 200 deaths each year are silica-related.

    --More than 100,000 U.S. workers are in high-risk occupations such as sandblasting.

    The severity of overexposures (amount by which the OSHA PEL is exceeded) has started to increase, after a decline following the initiation of the 1996 SEP.