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    Title: What Will OSHA Check for on an Inspection? (cont'd)

    • Symptoms of silicosis in workplace
    • Housekeeping and hygiene
    • Employee exposure and medical records
    • Abrasive blasting
    [Includes illustration of a man holding a clipboard and the OSHA logo]

    Speaker Notes:

    --The OSHA inspector will interview employees to see if they are experiencing any symptoms that might be related to silicosis.
    --The inspector will determine whether the employer is aware of the silicosis risk and is referring possible cases to a physician.
    --The inspector will determine whether the employer is maintaining exposure and medical records related to silica and if employees have access to these records.
    --The inspector will determine if the employer is keeping surfaces as free from dust as practicable—without using compressed air to blow off the dust! There should be separate break areas and contaminated clothes should not be blown off or shaken.
    --Other inspection issues for abrasive blasting operations include:
      Heavy metal exposure (lead, chromium, others)
      Exposure of other employees working in area
      Adequacy of ventilation systems
      Manual operation of blast cleaning nozzles
      Breathing air quality and use
      Electrical grounding
      Pressure controls
      Other adequate PPE
      Hazards of alternative abrasive materials