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    Title: Follow-up and Evaluation

    • Mandatory follow-up inspections where citations for overexposure are issued
    • If follow-up not possible (operation concluded), written documentation of abatement efforts from employers
    • Where exposures cannot be reduced below the PEL
      - engineering and administrative controls to reduce exposures as low as possible
      - respiratory protection to supplement
    • Abatement verification data used by Office of Statistics
    [Includes image of a worker and the OSHA logo]

    Speaker Notes:

    It may not be possible to carry out follow-up inspections of some employers, e.g., construction sites or temporary abrasive blasting operations.

    Once the Office of Statistics has received a reasonable number of case files and follow-up site visit reports, the data will be evaluated to determine the impact of OSHA inspections on the reduction of crystalline silica exposures at each worksite.