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    Title: Sources for Selection

    • NAICS codes identified from OSHA inspection data (Appendix B)
    • Other sources
      - Workers' comp claims data
      - Public health data from sources such as NIOSH
      - Referrals from
      • Local agencies
      • Healthcare providers
      - Previous inspection histories
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    Speaker Notes:

    The primary source for targeting inspections under the LEPs is the NAICS codes for industries with potential silica exposure, listed in Appendix B of the Instruction. This list, which was developed using OSHA inspection data from January 1996 through March 2007, provides an overview of the types of industries in which silica exposure frequently occurs. Within each region there may be specialized industries with silica exposure that are not included on the list. Likewise, silica exposure may not occur in all industries within a given SIC.

    Information sources for General Industry site selection include
    Workers' Compensation claims data, especially data that have trigger entries such as silicosis, pulmonary fibrosis, nonmalignant respiratory disease, congenital heart failure, or scarring of the lung.
    Public health data from NIOSH, including the state silicosis surveillance systems (SENSOR) in Ohio, New Jersey, and Michigan
    Referrals from local public and environmental health agencies and healthcare providers
    Previous inspection histories for companies within the office's jurisdiction