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    Title: 1926.453 - Aerial lifts
    Type: Text Slide with Image

    • Must meet ANSI criteria
    • Secured to lower traveling position by a locking device before moving
    • Ensure proper fall protection prior to using
      - Includes use of guardrails
    • Lifts must allow you to access heights and work from a protected area
    [Includes photo of an aerial lift]

    Speaker Notes:

    Always make sure you have proper fall protection and training before using a powered platform. Proper fall protection includes the use of guardrails. Lifts must have mid rails and top rails on all sides including the point of access.

    Workers must use a fall restraint system while working in an aerial platform. This will prevent you from falling outside the lift while working.

    The brakes of these lifts must be set when used and workers must not move the lifts while they are in use. You should not move an aerial lift while in use, unless it is specifically designed for that purpose.