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    Title: Ladder jack
    Type: Text Slide with Image

    • Must meet requirements of subpart "X", stairways and ladders
      - Exception: Job-made ladders must not be used to support ladder jack scaffolds
    • Ladder jacks must be designed and constructed to bear on:
      - Side rails and ladder rungs, or
      - Ladder rungs alone
    • Ladders used to support ladder jack scaffolds must be:
      - Placed and fastened to prevent slipping
    [Includes illustration of a ladder jack scaffold]

    Speaker Notes:

    A ladder jack scaffold is a simple device consisting of a platform resting on brackets attached to a ladder. Ladder jacks are primarily used in light applications because of their portability and cost effectiveness.

    Platforms should not be placed higher than 20 feet from the supported base.

    Scaffold platforms must not be bridged together.