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    Title: Pole
    Type: Text Slide with Image

    • Restrict movement of existing platform until bearers are set, and braced
    • Couplers have to be made of structural steel
    • The use of couplers made from gray cast iron is prohibited
    • Designed by P.E. when more than 125 feet
    • Transverse bracing form an "X" across width of the scaffold must be installed at scaffold ends
    [Includes illustration of a pole scaffold]

    Speaker Notes:

    Pole scaffolds are a type of supported scaffold in which every structural component, from uprights to braces to platforms, is made of wood. OSHA has standards for two kinds: single-pole, which are supported on their interior side by a structure or wall, and double-pole, which are supported by double uprights independent of any structure.

    Because they have to be built from scratch and cannot easily be reused, pole scaffolds are considered old-fashioned and are rarely used today.