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    Title: 1926.451(e) Access (cont'd)
    Type: Text Slide with Image

    • Hook-on attachable ladders
      - Specifically designed for type of scaffold
      - Lowest rung no more than 24 inches above level on which scaffold is supported
      - Rest platforms at 35 foot intervals when more than 35 feet high
      - Maximum rung length 11 inches, and a maximum space between rungs 16 inches
    [Includes photo of scaffolding with properly attached ladder]

    Speaker Notes:

    When scaffold platforms are more than 2 feet above or below a point of access, portable ladders, hook-on ladders, attachable ladders, or other means of safe access must be provided. Other types of access may include stair towers, ramps, or walkways.

    When using portable hook-on ladders, they must be positioned so they do not tip the scaffold over.

    Additionally, the spacing of the ladder rungs must be 16 inches or less and have a minimum length of 11 inches.

    Following these guidelines will allow you to safely access scaffolding and reduce your risk of falls.