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Various Scaffold Types

Subpart L
Scaffolds Used in Construction
The following illustrations are to be used only for identifying the various scaffold types commonly used in the construction industry.

They are not intended as compliances guidelines and do not necessarily reflect the requirements of Subpart L
OSHA Office of Training & Education
Des Plaines, IL
November, 1996
Aerial Platforms

Boatswains Chair

Carpenter's Bracket Scaffold

Bricklayer's Square Scaffold

Form Scaffold

Horse Scaffold Chicken Scaffold

Float Scaffold

Interior Hung

Manually Propelled Mobile Scaffold

Ladder Jack Scaffold

Prefabricated Moblie Tower Unit

Mason's Multi Point Suspended Scaffold

Needle Beam Scaffold

Outrigger Scaffold

Plasters Decorators Scaffold

Pump Jack Scaffold

Roofing Brackets

Extension Trestle Ladder Scaffold

Single Point Suspension Scaffold

Stone Setters Adjustable Multi Point Suspension Scaffold

Catenary Scaffold

Tube and Coupler Scaffold Carpenter Bracket

Two Point Suspended Scaffold Swinging Scaffold

Window Jack Scaffold

Wood Pole Scaffold

Fabricated Frame Scaffold