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    Title: NIOSH Respirator Certification Requirements 42 CFR Part 84
    Type: Text Slide

    • On July 10, 1995, 30 CFR 11 ("Part 11") was replaced by 42 CFR 84 ("Part 84")
    • Only certifications of non-powered, air-purifying, particulate-filter respirators are affected by this change
    • Remaining portions of Part 11 were incorporated into Part 84 without change
    Speaker Notes:

    The old Part 11 respirator certification regulation was promulgated in 1972. Some of the particulate filter certification tests dated from Bureau of Mines procedures during the 1930s and were never significantly updated. New research, testing, and manufacturing technology have made the particulate filter certification procedures in Part 11 outdated.

    NIOSH established the Part 84 test criteria to simulate worst-case respirator use. The Part 84 testing requirements for particulate filters are much more demanding than the old Part 11 tests, and they provide much better evidence of the filter’s ability to remove airborne particles.

    NIOSH encourages users to discontinue the use of particulate respirators certified under 30 CFR Part 11 and switch to particulate respirators certified under 42 CFR Part 84.