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Sample Performance Test for Forklift Operators

EMPLOYEE _______________________________________ DATE ____________ TIME _________ a.m./p.m.

1. Shows familiarity with truck controls.

2. Gave proper signals when turning.

3. Slowed down at intersections.

4. Sounded horn at intersections.

5. Obeyed signs.

6. Kept a clear view of direction of travel.

7. Turned corners correctly – was aware of rear end swing.

8. Yielded to pedestrians.

9. Drove under control and within proper traffic aisles.

10. Approached load properly.

11. Lifted load properly.

12. Maneuvered properly.

13. Traveled with load at proper height.

14. Lowered load smoothly/slowly.

15. Stops smoothly/completely.

16. Load balanced properly.

17. Forks under load all the way.

18. Carried parts/stock in approved containers.

19. Checked bridgeplates/ramps.

20. Did place loads within marked area.

21. Did stack loads evenly and neatly.

22. Did drive backward when required.

23. Did check load weights.

24. Did place forks on the floor when parked, controls neutralized, brake on set, power off.

25. Followed proper instructions for maintenance – checked both at beginning and end.

Total Rating Evaluator ______________________________________